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Hello Dear Lovers💖, Most Welcome to you. First of all, Wish you a Happy Valentines Day and wish you a Long and Happy Life. If You are Looking for some Best Valentine Day Quotes, Rose's Day wishes, Amazing Chocolate Day Quotes, Romantic Kiss Day Quotes, Promise Day Status, Hug Day Warm Wishes then you are in the right place.

Here in this post, we tried our best to provide you all the Latest and Best Valentines Day Status in 2024, all the Valentine's day Status are In English and also Mix with Romantic💕.

Celebrate The Week With Best-

Valentines Week Quotes Emoji, Wishes, Shayari, and Status in 2024 | Valentines Day Caption for Instagram

Hope You Love this Latest Valentines Day Status and all the Valentine's Day Quotes and messages will make your Valentine's Week more Special And Cheerful. 

All the Status and Quotes written in this post are in  English and If You are looking For More Valentines Day Status Images in Hindi then You Can also visit my other post on Valentine's Day Status in 2024.


Happy Valentines Day Wishes Emoji Status 2024

V:- Valuable⌛
A:- Asset For
L:- Life😊 And Let’s Start👍 An
E:- #_Everlasting
N:- New Life💚 That’s
T:- Terrific💪 And
I:- Incredible. Let’s Have A
N:- Nice Journey💖 Till
E:- Eternity👪

I Love💖 the way U👉 are,
Love when u call me #_Honey🍯,
wish I could be in your👉 Arms👌 all the Time⌚,
But mostly I want to be with u forever cause you’re my #_Everything💎💐💍.
Your #Eyes👀,
Your Smile😊.
Your Touch👉,
Your #Kiss💋.
Your Promise✌,
Your words👆.
Our Everlasting bliss😇.
Happy Valentine💕 Day!

I Love💕 You👉 and are with you always!
I want to be by your side forever✋.
You make my World🌍 Brighter🌟.
Always yours now and Forever.💕💕

Valentine's Day Images For Couples

#_Love💗 my Eyes👀 when u look into them;
I Love my name😉 when you say it;
I Love my #_Heart💘 when u Love it;
I #Love my life when you are in it.
Happy Valentine’s💓 Day!

My only motto and aim of life
is to Love💕 you and Love you more
and more with each #Passing day.
Happy Valentine’s💖 Day Dear

Lets always hold Hands✌ & sneak Kisses💋.
Lets always Laugh😊 together,
Cry😭 together & be there for each Other.
Lets always Love💕 each other Like we do Today!😍💕

Best Rose Day Status in 2024 | Rose Day Emoji Wishes

U r Unique✌
U r Caring👌 and
U r the Best👍….
N I’m the luckiest to
Have U👉 in my life👼!
Happy Valentine’s💖 Day..
My Sweet Heart💘 !!

Latest Chocolate Day Wishes for Gf

I Love💕 being in your arms.
I love being next to you.
I Love just randomly walking around💞 with you,
even if there is no #Destination.
I Love💕 everything about you ❤😊❤

If you👉 live to be a #Hundred,
I want to live to be a #Hundred minus one day👌
so I never have to live without✖ you.” 
— Happy Valentine’s💗 Day
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My rose🌹 is red,
Your Eyes👀 are blue💜,
You love💗 me,
and I Love u.
Happy Valentine’s💖 day

When a #Girl👧 is in love, you can see it in her Smile,
When a Guy is in Love💖, you can see it in his #Eyes👀..
Happy Valentine💟 Day

#_No matter what… you’re always mine👍,
No matter what👆… I’ll always Love💗 you.
Through the fights💪, broken hearts💔,
No matter what, you’re Always mine!!😊 ❤

Valentine's day Wishes in 2024



Promise Day Messages and Quotes

#Love💕 me now or Love me Never✖,
but if you Love me, love me😊 forever.
I Loved you once; Love you still.
I always have and always will. 😍 💕 😘

I #Love your #Dark❤_Eyes👀,
And your curly Hair👩,
I love your smile😉,
And the way that you care.
I #Love your #Deep_Kisses💋,
I love your Soft Touch👌,
I love you💕, I love you💗,
I love you💖 so much.
Happy #Valentine💘 Day!
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I Love💖 You more than you
WILL ever know.
ALWAYS and forever.
#LOVE has no ending.
YOU have my #Heart💘.
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Follow love and it will flee…
flee love and it will follow.
Happy Valentines Day 😍 😍

Happy #_Valentines💗 Day to all my friends.
This is the day to Recognize the Love💖
That we should ALL👬 be showing all Year long.😍

Valentine's Day Quotes for Husband

To The Person😊 Who Has Accepted Me For Who I Am And,
Worked💪 Hard To Bring Out The Best👌 In Me.

#Words👄 can’t✖ describe how Special and Perfect you are to me.
I just want to say I Love💕 you so much..
Happy Valentine💘 Day #Meri_Jaan
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Without you👉, my life would not❌ be Complete
and I would do #Anything to Keep you in my life forever..!!
Happy Valentine Day My love💟

May Our #Relationship👐 Turn Into Silver;
Silver Into Gold👑, Gold Into Diamonds…
And MAy Our Diamonds💎 Ne Forever..
Happy Valentine💙 Day My Love💘

Hug Day Quotes and Status Emoji 2024

#Love💕 is not only made for Lovers,
it is also for Friends👬 who Love💘 each other better than Lovers.
Happy Valentine💗 Day

A Special👌 day for Me
Because I Celebrate💥 My every day like
a “Valentine day💘” since You👉 are with me
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I Love you👉 more Today than I did Yesterday,
But not as much as I will Tomorrow.
Happy Valentine’s💖 Day!

Romantic Kiss Day Quotes Images

Kiss day images in 2024

Valentine's Day Quotes Wishes 2024

Without your Wife, I can't❌ suffice,
I am so lucky because I will spend My👉👩 Life With you,
The Feelings💗 are so pleasant and new..!!
“Happy Valentine’s💘 Day!”

#_Romeo👱 and #Juliet👧 is Outdated.
The Ultramodern💟 one is you👉 and me👱.
Your Hug😊 is always the one that
I long for Especially on this very #Special💙 day. I Love💘 you!

Valentine Day Special Captions 2024

If you wake up in a #RED room,
with no Windows or Doors..don’t be Alarmed, are just in my Heart💓.
Happy #Valentine’s💙 day!

Thank you for Letting me Love💖 you
and for Loving me in Return.
I’m👦 so Lucky that you are mine👧.
Happy #Valentine’s Day!

Promise Day Images 2024

Valentine day images

My life’s #_Biggest💪_Achievement is that
I get to be with an #Awesome man like you Every day.
And this Valentine’s Day is Perfect to celebrate this Happiness😊.
I love💖 you.Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Once a #Boyfriend, now a Husband.
You should be Kissed👄, and often,
by Someone👨 who knows how.
#Happy_Valentines_Day to the man I Love dearly😍.

You are the most #Beautiful_lady👩 I know.
I’m the Luckiest Guy👱 in the world.
Happy Valentine’s Day💘!!!

A Valentine is a Gift to the Heart💗,
a friend to the Spirit,
a Golden👑 thread to the Meaning of life.
Happy Valentine’s Day💍!

Your Love is the Best #Medicine for me,
which can make me #Healthier💪 and fresh each day😊.
Wish you a Happy Valentine’s💐 Day My Love.

The day I looked into your👉 Eyes👀,
the very Moment I felled in Love💕 with you my lifeline.
Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s❤ Day my life

Best Valentine's Day Message

My life is filled with lots and lots of Happiness😊 & Joy✊.
And this is Possible because you are my Life.
Happy Valentine’s❤ Day my love😍

You👉 are my #Valentine💕,
The Love💙 of my life,
The only one who makes me Smile😊
With just a look in the Eye👀.
Happy Valentine’s💘 Day, my love💕!
You are my #Heart💓,
my Soul💥, my #Treasure💰,
My Today, my Tomorrow, my forever, My #Everything👌!
Happy Valentine💘 Day!

U r d half of my Heart
may this Valentine💘 bring more Happiness Between us,
i love you, #_Baby..
Happy #Valentine Day

Valentine day images and Status

I Love you and Happy #Valentines💗…
Anyone can Catch your Eye❤,
but it takes someone #Special
to Catch your #_Heart..
Happy #Valentine’s day
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I Consider Myself The #Luckiest Person
On Earth It\’s Because I Own The
Most Precious Jewel💎 In The
Whole #Universe And That Is
You, My #Love💖.
❤️Happy #Valentine’s Day❤️

“Love is like playing the #Piano.
#First you must Learn📄 to Play by the #Rules,
then you must forget the Rules and play from your #Heart💓..”

Kiss Day Quotes and Romantic Wishes 2024

I am thinking of you Every #Second,
not because it’s Valentine’s💖 Day,
but also in other 364 days of the #_Year.

You are #_Everything to me
and I can’t Imagine life Without you
 by my side. #Happy Valentine’s Day!

#Candy, #flowers🌹 and Cards are Great.
But having you as my Boyfriend is simply the Best.
Happy Valentine’s to the world’s Greatest Boyfriend!

I’m #Absolutely Crazy about👉 you
and There is no other Day☺ like this👆
“Happy #Valentine’s Day💙” to tell you so. I Love💓 you!

My wish is to wish you, my Love💕,
with lots and lots of Wishes💕
and Love a Very #Happy_Valentine’s_Day

Propose Day Quotes and Wishes

You are Salt, I am #Sugar, you are Spicy, and I am #Sweet.
You are my Appetizer I am your Dessert🍨.
Wish you a Very Happy Valentine’s🍫 Day! my friend😊.

A Year back we met each other,
a month back we came #Close to each other,
and a day back you Became my Life.
Happy Valentine’s day my Love💗

#Love is more than what I have.
Love is more than what you are.
Love💗 takes me where I have never been.
Love takes me where I am today.
In love💓, it is what I am with You.
Happy Valentine’s❤ Day!

Best Propose Day Images in 2024

Propose day Images in 2024
Propose day Images in 2024

Your Eyes👀 are blue💙, your Lips are Pink💗.
You become my #Rainbow🌈 when
I Shower colors of love on you.
Happy Valentine’s Day😊! My Love💖.

Valentine's day Message

Love is like a Cloud☁… Love is like a dream…
love is one word and everything in between…
Love is a #_Fairytale come true…
B’Coz I found Love💗 when I found You.
Happy valentines day❤.
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Do you know what #_Heartbreak💔 and 
#_Cheating💢 have in common?
They don’t exist between friends. 

Valentine's Day Quotes Emoji 2024

Our Lives are like a Romantic💟 Movie
 played again and again.
We flirt, we Laugh😀, and we Fight💪
– and we do it all over Again.

#_Happy_Valentine’s Day to the 
most special #Person👦 in my life.
You are my #Love💓, my #_Heart and my joy.

If u want me not to Die
#Stay with me..
If u want me not to #_Cry
#Always be with me
If u want me to be the #Luckiest person in the #World
Never Leave my hand #Bcoz.
I am nothing without you
U are my #Life..
I Love U...
♥Happy #Valentines Day♥

I Can Easily Hear Your Heartbeats💕,
Believe Me That Your👉 Heartbeats Are Similar To My Heartbeats💞.
I Cannot❌ Live Without You. So #_Never Leave Me Alone.
Happy Valentine Day Darling
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