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Hello Dear Lover, welcome You To The Latest  Post Of the Best Chocolate Day Quotes, Status, and Shayari 2023 Along With The Best Images On This. This Time We Are Here To Make Your Valentine Day More Special And Romantic With All The Best Valentine Day Shayari, Wishes, And Quotes. Here In This Post, You Find All The Best Chocolate Day Images In 2023 Along With All The Latest Chocolate Day Quotes And Wishes In English. 

We Hope You Like This Post And Share This Post With Your Dear One. Share All The Best Chocolate Day Status Images In 2023 And Make This Day So Chocolaty. if  You Are Looking For More Quotes And Status Then You Can Read Another Latest Valentine Day Quotes Post Of This Site. We Have All The Best Wishes And Quotes For This Romantic Valentine Day.

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Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes Shayari in English and Hindi in 2023 | Chocolate Day Emoji Wishes

Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes & Shayari 2022
Chocolate Day Status and Quotes Images

9 Out Of Ten People Like Chocolate. The Tenth👫 Particular #_Person All The Time Lies.
And What Higher Than A #Chocolate🍫 Day
To Say #Honey_I_Die For Your Candy 💖 Love……
Happy 🍫 Chocolate Day…
Every #_₵ⱨø₵øⱡ₳₮ɇ Is Like A Portion Of Life,
Some Are Crunchy, Some Are Nutty,
Some Are Gentle, But All Are Scrumptious.
🍫joyful Chocolate Day🍫

Chocolate Day Status in English in 2023

Nuts Simply Take Up Space The Place Chocolate🍫 Should Be.
These Are My Two New Greatest Buddies, Coffee, And Chocolate: Neither Discuss Again To Me And Each Make Me Really Feel "Nice💝..!"

A Day With Out Chocolate Is Sort Of A Day With Out Sunshine!
All I Really Want Is Love, However, A Bit of Chocolate At Times Doesn’t Harm me!

Neglect 💖 Love … I’d Relatively Fall In 🍫 Chocolate.

After A Bar Of 🍫 Chocolate One Can Forgive Anyone, Even One’s Relations.
Am Dairy U Are Milk,
I Am Kit U Are Kat,
I Am 5 U Are Star,
In Short, I Am Candy
And U Are My Sweetheart..!
🍫happy Chocolate Day🍫
Chocolate Day Status Images in Hindi
Chocolate Day Status Images in Hindi

It’s Chocolate Day. And I'm Trying Ahead To Getting Dipped In Your Candy And Passionate Love..Happy Chocolate Day💝!

Chocolate Day Wishes Emoji in English | Chocolate Day Caption Emoji

Hey, It’s Chocolate Day And Simply The Suitable Time To Let You Know That I Merely Love💝 Sharing Every Thing With You.

Nothing Can Match Your Sweetness Besides Chocolate.
#Happy_Chocolate_Day_💓 Darling!
The Perfect Aromatherapy Of The World Is Savoring The Smell Of Damn Fantastic Chocolates And Consuming Them As Slowly As Potential. #Happy_Chocolate_Day!
Any Unhealthy Moment Could Be Changed Into A Memorable One With A Field Of Chocolates🍫 And Good Previous Friends Together!

Chocolate day Images and Status Images

Chocolate Day Images and Photos in 2023
Chocolate Day Images and Photos in 2023

All We're On The Lookout For Is Love. But Most Of Us Have Forgotten That Consuming Candies Can Give You A Similar Mesmerizing Feeling. #Happy_Chocolate🍫_Day!

Do You All The Time Wish To #Really Feel Joyful In Life? All The Time Preserve Chocolates With You. They Will Immediately Change Anybody’s Mood Very Quickly. #Happy_Chocolate_Day!
I'm Wishing You A Really Joyful Chocolate Day My #Sweetheart💑,
As #_Chocolates Are Essential For A Healthy Body,
And True And Devoted Love💝Are Important For The Best Life.
Caramels Are Only A Fad. Chocolate Is A Everlasting Factor.

There Is Nothing Higher Than A Good Friend Until It Is A Good Friend With Chocolate ..

Romantic Chocolate Day Quotes in English 2023

After A Bar Of Chocolate, One Can Forgive Anyone, Even One’s Family. Happy Chocolate Day!

My Sweet #_Valentine💑, You're A Chocolate So You Might Be Sweetest,
You're A Star So You Might Be Brightest, You're A Pretty Lady So You're My Dearest💑.
Happy Chocolate Day💝.
Latest Chocolate Day Quotes Images
Latest Chocolate Day Quotes Images

Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,
It Tastes Solely In The Starting!
However, 🙂 Friendship Is Like Chocolate,
It Tastes Until It Ends!
🍫❤Happy Chocolate Day🍫

Best Chocolate Day Status in English 2023 | Chocolate Day images 2023

Beautiful Chocolate And Beautiful You, And Lovely Are The Stuff You Do, However, The Loveliest Is The Friendship Of The 2, One Is Me And The Opposite Is You! Happy Chocolate🍫 Day!

Far Or Close To U R My Dear
Younger Or Old U R My Gold
East Or West U R The Very Best
Begin Or Finish U R My Chocolaty Pal…
Happy Chocolate Day💑.

Dear, I Should Not Have The Phrases To Express My Love For You, So I'm Sending You This Chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day, Sweetheart!
Nobody Cares For Me As A Lot As You Do. You Could Have Filled My Life With Love💑. Happy Chocolate Day🍫!

Chocolate Day Shayari in Hindi | Valentines Day Wishes For GF

#Chocolate_Day आया है,
तेरी Yaad😇 साथ लाया है…
Ajj DiL💓 ने Tujhe फिर बुलाया है…
ऐ जान-E-मन…
Tujhe मनाने के लिए मैंने,
Chocolate🍫 का पुरा डब्बा मंगवाया है…😊
🍫Happy #Chocolate_Day💑
चॉकलेट डे आया है, तेरी Yaad😇 लाया है,
आ जाओ Ajj DiL💓 ने Tujhe फिर बुलाया है,
ए-जान ए तमन्ना Tujhe मनाने के लिए,
चॉकलेट डे का पूरा डब्बा मंगाया है, !! हैप्पी चॉकलेट डे !!

हर Rishte 💑में #Biswas रहने दो
जुबान पर हर Waqt⌚ मिठास रहने दो
यही तो अंदाज़ है #Jindegi जीने का
Na खुद रहो उदास, Na दूसरों को रहने दो ।
हैप्पी Chocolate डे!

#_DiL💓 हमारा चॉकलेट कि तरह नाजुक, Tum उसमें #Dry_Fruits का तड़का, 
#Life होगी #Fruit_&_Nut जैसी, अगर मिल जाये #Girlfriend तेरे जैसी.
Ajj है #Chocolate डे, चॉकलेट तो खिलाओ, 
मीठी मीठी Koi बात तो सुनाओ, 
कब से Tadap रहे है हम आपके Pyaar में, 
Ajj तो हमे Apne गले से लगाओ....

Best Valentine Day Wishes Shayari Emoji in Hindi

मैं Dairy हूँ  तू #_MilK है प्रिये, मैं किट हूँ . 
तो तू कैट है प्रिये, मैं फाइव हूँ तू Star है प्रिये ,  
मैं स्वीट तो तू #Meri_स्वीटहार्ट हैं 
प्रिये...."हैप्पी Chocolate डे💑"

#Chocolate खाते रहें और Khus रहें और इस  
चॉकलेट दिवस को मिठास और #Pyaar के साथ मनाएं

लवली Chocolate और लवली💑 यू, 
Aur_Lovely वे चीजें हैं जो आप करते हैं, 
लेकिन सबसे #Pyaari दो की दोस्ती है, 
Ek मैं हूं और Tum हो. "2023 हैप्पी चॉकलेट डे
लवली चॉकलेट और #Pyaari_Tum, Pyaari बातें यू करते हैं, 
लेकिन सबसे #Pyaari है दो की  Pyaar है एक मैं हूँ और दूसरा Tum हो !!
"2023 हैप्पी चॉकलेट दिवस

Chocolate Day Quotes and Wishes in 2023

चॉकलेट डे आया है, तेरी Yaad😇 लाया है,
आ जाओ Ajj DiL💓 ने Tujhe फिर बुलाया है,
ऐ ! जाने तमन्ना Tujhe मनाने के लिए,
मैने चॉकलेट का पूरा डिब्बा मंगवाया है…
Happy #Chocolate_Day💑.
#मीठा Intezar⌚# और Intezar⌚ से भी #DiL💓दार मीठा#,❤
मीठा DiL💓दार# और DiL💓दार से भी #pyar मीठा#,
मीठा Pyar_Aur प्यार से भी #मीठी आपकी Mohabbat…
I 💖 Love you, Dear,  #Have a Sweet Day Baby,
Happy #Chocolate_Day…🍫🍫

जिस भी हसीना को Ajj चोक्लेट चाहिए #Bindas ले लो
पर #Kiss_Day 😘 के Din हमें निराश ना करना… 

#Bhagban बुरी नज़र 👀 से बचाये,
चोकलेट से मिठे Mere_Yaar को चिंटियाँ 🐜 ना खा जाये…
हेप्पी Chocolate डे…🍫😋

Latest Valentine Day Shayari in Hindi

लम्हे वो कुछ Khass होते है,
तू जो Mere पास होती है,
बाहों में tere कुछ होता ऐसा एहसास,
जैसे #Dairy_Milk और पर्क की मिठास होती है…
Happy #Chocolate_Day.💑

Jindegi के किताब में कुछ पन्ने ख़ास होते है,
कुछ Apne कुछ बेगाने होते है,
#Pyaar से सवार जाती है Jindegi,
जब Rishta में चॉकलेट की तरह मिठास होती है…
Happy #Chocolate_Day.

मैं Teri ज़िक्र की वादी में सैर करता रहूँ
Hamesha लब पे तेरे Naam की मिठास रहे

Ajj चॉकलेट डे है #_Chocolate तो खिलाओ
मीठी मीठी कोई #Baat तो सुनाओ
कब से तड़प रहे है हम Apke_Pyaar में
Ajj तो हमे Apne गले से लगाओ

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