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Hello Lovers, Very very welcome you to the Latest page of Latest Love Status in English, by the way just to inform you that this is the Latest site on the internet where you can get anything about love. 

Whether it is about Sad Love or the Latest Romantic Love Status in 2024. This is is a post where you can find all the Best Love Status and use them to Express your Love to the Beloved one anywhere Like Your Social Media profiles or in any Personal use.

I Hope You Love all these Valentine's Day Love Status Status in English and if you are Looking for any Love Shayari or any Latest Love Status Then You can also check out this Site. If you are Really Interested in Love then please Bookmark this page because I regularly update with all the Latest Status and new Posts and Please Share with Your Friends. 

LOVE Status in English in 2023| Love Caption Emoji and Bio

Love Staus Image 2024

Love Status in English in 2024

Listen, #_Baby,
mine #_Love💝 is like Five_Star_Cadbury.
Once eaten, you will lose yourself.

I like to #_Love you💝 that's why I always #_Disturb💝 you without any reason - Love💖 you, My Baby

My #_Love💏, 
you are the #_Answer to all those questions, who say that #_True_Love is no longer found.

The One who will Truly Love you will never be Baby .. for you at any time...
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I don't know why I Miss💝 you so much, but whenever you come, it feels very so good and Romantic💞….

People always ask me, what did you see in it, I say the same every time, there is Needless #_Love.

Romantic Whatsapp Love Status in 2024

People express their Love? by putting their Eyes in others eyes💏,But My eyes are bent down on hearing your Name

As long as there is no "#_Madness" in "#Love💝", they is not #_Love.

If you want to come into my #_Heart💑, come as like a Priya Prakash Varrier😍,,, if you become an Angel Priya, my friends are also coming like this…

Two letters of #Love too… What a wonderful show… Looks at the #_Heart💝… But Blossoming the Whole Body and make a Smile on Face😍.

Dp with GF, so we can also put it in Social.. But she says that there is something else fun to hide and love together...💝
Latest Love Status Image
She has #Medicine💝 for each of my #Merges😘
Every pain Vanish as soon as i Meet her💖💖

Till yesterday, you were just a Stranger, today my #Heart is ruled by your beat💏…! ”

Neither #_Beautiful👧… nor #_Rich💲… neither was #_Vicious👑, my Lord Just made Me for You.

Latest Love Status in English 

She has only such a #_Relationship with me that if she is #_Suffering💏, I do not Sleep all Night 😍😍😍

Life is #_Lovely and very #Sweet😍 but only as long as I am yours and you are mine only.

#_Love💝 someone and #Experience it,
this disease is such that no #Medicine💑 is used.

My #Heart💞 forgives every mistake she💝makes
when she #_Smiles and asks, Are you angry my #_Baby😍😘

You don’t need to have a reason to #_Love💝 someone, but if you do, it is called “LIKE💞”. But if you don’t have a cause, then it is called “TRUE #Love”.

The beauty of a woman is seen within her eyes because it’s the doorway to her heart where her #_Love💑 resides.

Latest Love Status in English 

You #_Recognize your world in her #_Eyes👀 and her eyes everywhere inside the whole world😍.

#_Love💝 is like of a rubber band held at both side through two persons, while one person leaves it Hurts the other one,

#_Love😍 is unexplainable. You have to be in Love to #_Recognize what it feels like.

Real #_Love💝, you sense it,
you see it, you feel it!
fake #_Love💏 is simply some words.

Any day which i spent with you is my favorite Loving day. So, today is my another new favorite day

There isn't any area for worry in #_Love💝, however true Love castout fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has now not been certainly in #Love💞.

Whatsapp Status Love For BF

From the day I met you I #_Loved you, there was like a connection between us and I suppose it will usually be there no matter what happens.

Even the Most Powerful of women get down in the knees when you call her you r good girl.
Latest Love Status Image
Falling in #_Love💝 is the most effective half of I need, staying in #_Love with you for till forever is different.

A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q.R.S.T.V.W.X.Y.Z… Did I miss something? Oh yes, I Miss U 

Best Romantic Love Staus in English

If a Hug👫 told how plenty I #_Love💓 you, I might hold you in my Arms for whole life.

Whatsapp Love Status in English

Love💝 is just a Single word until someone Special gives it a Beautiful meaning.

No Matter Where I Am Or What I’M Doing, When You To Come To Mind A Smile Always Comes On My Face and my Heart💝 Became Delight with #Love.

The amount of #_Happiness and #_Awesomeness which you have in #_Heart is dependent on the quantity of freedom you have in your coronary #_Heart.

#_Love💞 is when my attention is #_Completely divided in class because I’m too Busy #_Combining her first name with my last name.

Emoji Love Staus in 2024

#_Somewhere among all our loud laughs,
long talks, all our #_Jokes😘, and silly little fights👫…….
I fell in #Love😍 with U My Baby👧.

These are the #_Biggest desires of my life, you stay with me and always be my #_Breath.

My day #_Brightens the most whenever you #_Smile😊 at me.
Everything depends on your #_Lovely😉 smile.

#_Love💝 is all about sacrifice. It isn't always normally what you could obtain, but what you may give

Conflict makes us strong, and #_Love💟 teaches us to live life.

Love Status Image 

Love Status in English
The one who actually #_Loves💑 you will never use or abuse you but #_Protect you from those who will try.

You re #_Special👭 to me in each manner. Thank you for being who you are in my life.

Cute Love Status For GF

 My #_Girlfriend💝 is currently the biggest thing in my life. I #_Love😍 her without Reserves.

I don’t have a #_Girlfriend💝. But, guess what?
I know a Girl who’d be mad at me for #_Saying that😍

O #_Love💝, there is no way to get you,
maybe you only get what you don't care about😍😍.

Fb Love Status in 2024

#_Laughter lurks in the #Face👧,
tears are in the #Eyes👀
when you call me your own, I feel #Proud of myself💝.

Let me fall in #_Love💝 with you by drowning… .. I will #Start with you and #_End up in you.

Want the password of your #Heart💝…
What is that😇,
Just have to install #_Love💑 in your Heart

How strange is the #_Relationship of #_Love😍,
if you get, things long😘 and get separated then memories😇 are long.
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